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A Note From The Santa Monica Family Therapist

Teen support groups are a wonderful way for families to maximize their dollar in today’s economy. Read on to learn more about my teen support groups. – Sandra

General Format
Participants are seated circle so that they can see everyone’s face, including those on either side of them. Each teen is given the opportunity to speak. Members are asked to speak loudly enough for everyone in the circle can hear them. Participants are asked to not interrupt the speakers.

Use of “I” Statements
Privacy is a key element to all talking circles, and gossiping about others is not allowed. Members will be encouraged to use “I” statements, to take personal ownership for their thoughts and feelings, and thus communicate more directly. This can enhance each members’ capacity for intimacy through increasing the quality of their communication.

Participation is Voluntary
No one is forced to participate in group discussions, however, everyone will be encouraged. Members will be invited to listen beneath the words, and attempt to pick up the feelings that the words are expressing. Active participation in the group discussions will allow the participants to learn from each other, as well as discover that they are not alone in their feelings,

The Goal
The goal of this type of teen support group is to facilitate teens in maximizing their social skills and self-awareness, and discovering their authentic expression. All potential members will be interviewed by me prior to joining, to verify that the group is a fit for them.

Creating a Safe Space
The main ground rule is that everything discussed in group is held in confidence so as to create a safe space for members to feel free to open up. The groups I lead are open, meaning that members will be added as other members decide to leave. Use of cell phones will not be permitted during the group.

**Note: If your teen is struggling, I can help you to discover the cause and remedy it. I invite you take that critical next step, and allow me to demonstrate the support I can offer to you and your family.

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