Encouraging Your Teen’s Creativity


A Note From The Santa Monica Teen & Family Therapist

There is a whole population of creative children gifted with the ability to dance, sing, paint, draw, write music, play instruments, and express themselves. – Sandra

Some adolescents are academically oriented, and can thrive in the classroom. But others perceive life through colors, sound, images and movement.

All teenagers want and need to feel masterful in some way. How are we honoring a teen’s authentic self-expression if we are asking them to fit into a mold that does not value their talents?

Supporting your teen in finding ways to develop their creative expression is giving your child the gift of a lifetime. This could look like guitar classes, a standup comedy workshop, painting, dancing, singing, and writing lessons.

If your child shows interest in expressing themselves through the arts, be sure to give them the space to do so. Remember, academics are only part of the equation in building a fulfilling life.

If your teen or young adult child is struggling socially or emotionally, I can help you to discover the cause and remedy it.

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