Covid-19 Announcement

Office Safety Measures I am Taking to Protect Your Teen:

Santa Monica Teen Therapist — Sandra Dupont MFT
  • Temperatures taken with non-touch infared thermometer
  • Masks worn throughout session (provided if client doesn’t have)
  • Screening clients for Covid-19 symptoms prior to visit
  • Free-standing hand-sanitizer for clients and their families
  • HEPA air-sanitizer always running to constantly clean the air
  • Frequently sanitizing all surfaces that are touched
  • Sterilizing room with a UVC Germicidal Ultra-violet light
  • Remote sessions for clients sneezing or coughing
  • Large office space easily allows for 6-feet distancing between us
  • High ceilings/open windows offer cross ventilation ocean breeze

The CDC is allowing all health-related essential procedures, and I am actively scheduling appointments during normal business hours for in person and tele-health.