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Sandra Dupont MA. MS, MFT

Often, parents contact me expressing concern about their child’s behavior:

* Isolating in their room
* Angry all the time
* Explodes at the drop of a hat
* Swings between happiness and hopelessness
* Too shy to make friends
* Not able to keep up with their schoolwork

Each of these situations may have a different cause, and require a different approach. One of the first things I do after getting the call is to invite the parents in for a free parent consultation to explore the teen’s history. I want to fully understand their journey thus far.

When did the symptoms first occur?
What efforts were made to help the situation?
What worked, and why?
What didn’t work, and why?

For it is only through understanding what has led up to this moment that I can make my best recommendations for putting together a plan that will result in a more permanent solution.

What Makes Me Qualified
√  Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor
√  Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology
….(Emphasis in Child Specialization Studies)
√  Masters Degree in Education
√  10+ years professional experience as a counselor for teens & their families
….with advanced training in:
• Adolescent Development
• Treatment of Diverse Clients
• Respectful Parenting Training (RIE)

verified by Psychology Today

Help is a just a phone call away …

Professional Recommendations:

“Sandra Dupont is an empathic and extremely effective teen therapist. We have worked together many times and I have seen the improvements she has made in teens’ lives first hand.” – Jared Maloff, Psy.D.

“Sandra Dupont is an exceptional therapist. We have collaborated together helping parents become more effective in raising their children.” – David Kuroda, LCSW

“Sandra has found a way to translate the wisdom that comes with age into a language that adolescents can relate to. She understands teenagers on a deeply emotional level and has a completely unique way of relating to them. ” – Danny Kopels, CADC II

“Sandra’s commitment to guiding and mentoring teens through their difficult periods is done with grace and elegance. Helping teens understand who they are as a valuable individual is where Sandra’s work shines.” – Greg Stebbins, Ed.D.

Accepted Insurance Plans
I provide a Superbill for all PPOs that accept out-of-network providers.

Increase the cooperation, harmony, and happiness within your family!

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