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Uncovering the reasons behind your adolescent’s withdrawn behavior can help put an end your teenager’s social isolation. – Sandra

Some teens struggle socially, for many reasons. For example:

1. Isolation can be caused by the way these teens look, dress, act, or a combination thereof.
2. Moodiness and erratic or volatile behavior can drive adolescents away from their peer group.
3. Shyness can be a cause of social isolation.
4. Some adolescents may be ostracized by peers due to their excelling academically or underachieving.
5. Adolescents who spend too much time on the internet or playing video games lose touch with their friends. They may replace genuine social interaction with online conversations with strangers.
6. A depressed adolescent often loses interest in everyday activities, dropping out of social groups at school.

Does your teen know how to:

1. Really listen?
2. Make new connections?
3. Let others get to know them?
4. Express what they feel and need?
5. Recognize hidden agendas in others?
6. Communicate respectfully within the family?
7. Set appropriate limits with regards to their bodies?
8. Be assertive (not aggressive) in their communication?

I work with teen clients one-on-one to identify areas where they can improve their social skills, and teach them tips and tricks to improve those skills. I can teach your child how to feel more empowered in social situations.

Working together with me in for a short time, they will learn:

* Conflict management
* How to be more assertive
* How to gain and keep more friends
* How to be confident in social situations

If your teen or young adult child is struggling socially or emotionally, I can help you to discover the cause and remedy it.

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