What Is A Recipe For Happiness?


A Note From The Santa Monica Teen & Family Therapist

Is it possible to remain happy while figuring out solutions to the obstacles that come up in life? Here are some thoughts you might want to share with your teen. – Sandra

The definition of happiness differs for everyone. Happiness can be anything from a blissful state of euphoria to a gentle feeling of contentment.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you on a daily basis? Does your happiness rating change from day to day, dependent upon the circumstances?

Have you ever noticed how feelings can change in a second? Like the weather, the sky can be filled with scattered clouds, and then suddenly it can get bright as a cloud moves away to reveal the sun.

Happiness is not some end point to be achieved, but rather something that occurs in moments. A more effective goal than trying to be happy all the time is to seek a sense of peace and contentment through the ups and downs, learning how to see and accept life as is, responding appropriately to each situation.

Our experience of life is often based on our perception of the events that are happening within it. As you face your challenges, try to stay aware of the love and abundance already present in your life.

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