Parenting Techniques To Address Bullying


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It is helpful for teachers and parents to understand what causes a teen to become a bully. The reality is that these kids are often struggling to find appropriate ways to get their needs met.- Sandra

When a child has been frequently put down, and/or ignored at home, they may attempt to gain self-esteem putting others down. They may also mimic the behavior of the adults who have behaved aggressively towards them.

The key message for parents is that it is important to understand what emotional support your teen needs from you. When these needs aren’t met, teens may resort to negative ways of seeking attention or gaining power.

If your teen has been accused of bullying, help them explore what they were gaining from intimidating, mocking, or ganging up against another. Then consider how your parent-child relationship could be improved to better meet those needs.

If your teen or young adult child is struggling socially or emotionally, I can help you to discover the cause and remedy it.

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