Parenting Teens in Today’s World


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Parenting has changed drastically since parents were children, with today’s parents literally having to make up the rules as they go. – Sandra

With rapid advancements in technology speeding up the pace of our lives, parents are being asked to evolve far beyond the parenting skills they saw demonstrated by their own parents. It’s no wonder so many parents are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

It is important to remember that in each family there are unique circumstances, and you can only do your best with the cards you’ve been dealt. If you teen has learning challenges, or your personalities significantly differ, you may need to adapt your parenting responses. Having more than one child or being a single parent adds even more layers of complexity.

Setting aside the time necessary for you to stay in balance and manage your emotions, as well as model kind and respectful responses in challenging moments, is a gift you give your children. Like on an airplane, you must remember to put on your oxygen mask first.

Ultimately, parenting is about is about preparing your teen to meet the challenges of life, recognize and maintain healthy relationships, and love and accept themselves. Do not allow yourself to get derailed by your teen’s demands for the latest trends. What is essential are the lessons you are teaching them about character, family, contribution to society, and self-love.

If your teen is struggling socially or emotionally, I can help you to discover the cause and remedy it. 

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