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Parents need to clearly define their expectations with regard to their teenager’s behavior and responsibilities, both at home and away from home. – Sandra

This FREE Teen Therapist Parenting Support Manual is designed to help you and your teen reflect on their behavior as well as your expectations for their behavior and open a discussion where mutual understanding and cooperation can take place.

This packet contains five main parts:

1. My Behaviors
To be used to identify the behaviors that are expected from your family members.

2. My Responsibilities
To be used to clarify your expectations for your teen with regard to household chores, checking in, homework, grooming, computer usage, etc.

3. Character Building
Can be used to discuss values you want to instill in your teen.

4. Life Skills 
Designed to guide you and your teen in a discussion about skills they will need to
cultivate in order to successfully participate in the world.

5. Contractual Agreement
Allows you to put in writing the behaviors and responsibilities you and your teen have agreed to, along with the agreed upon positive and negative consequences when those behaviors and responsibilities being upheld or not.

As a parent, you are expected to provide their children with a roof over their head, food to eat, clothes to wear, medical treatment, and protection from harm. However, cell phones, computers, spending money, stylish clothes, extracurricular activities and driving or being driven to their friend’s homes are all privileges that a child may earn through respectful and cooperative behavior toward their parents.

Implementing these concepts can take some time, which will vary substantially depending on the emotional maturity of your child. Don’t feel like you have to tackle them all at once. If there are other significant issues that are being addressed, you may want to study these concepts and implement them when you can.

In some situations, parents have not had the previous experience of entering into a similar discussion with their own parents. Therefore, I am more than happy to work together with you and your child to facilitate these discussions.

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