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I teach teens to navigate today’s fast changing culture, adapt to the unspoken rules and boundaries of social-media & high-demand school environments, and prioritize goals during their over-scheduled academic years. I help you, the parent, understand and support your teen, so they can better reach their maximum potential.

I assist teens who are lagging behind in their developmental skills to boost their self-esteem, perform better in high school, and get ready for college environments.

Let me support you in supporting your teen with my crucial developmental services. Limited spaces are available for families who could benefit from my 15-years of experience working with multi-cultural teenagers.

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My teen-oriented therapeutic style includes dynamic discussions, role-playing, videos, artwork, homework, journaling and storytelling–to help my clients define, and reach their goals.

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What Past Clients Have Said:
“The best example of her work is in my teen son’s improved behavior and attitude towards life. My teen son was always happy to go see Sandra, and relieved and stress-free when he came back from a session.” – Parent

“Sandra helped me put a lot of the events in my life into perspective. She listened to me respectfully and never made judgments. I had a great experience with Sandra as my therapist.” – Teen Client

“My teen daughter has calmed down, and no longer carries the same anxiety that she once did. She now likes and accepts herself for who she is.” – Parent

“Sandra provided a safe and supportive environment for me to discuss anything. Her feedback resulted in bettering my self-image, my self-esteem and confidence.” – Teen Client

“Sandra’s work with my teen son has made him a more secure, confident and happy individual. She provided a safe and comfortable place for him to express his feelings and explore his emotions.” – Parent

“After thinking together with Sandra, I discovered solutions to my problems. I always felt comfortable sharing my feelings and thoughts, knowing that she would listen and respond with compassion and support.” – Teen Client

“My teen daughter now sees uncomfortable experiences as an opportunity to grow and learn more about herself. Sandra was a very positive influence in her life.” – Parent.


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